1) After I place an order, how long until I receive my delivery?

Upon receiving the order, we will process asap, providing we have the stock we can usually despatch within 5 working days, all of our orders are sent via DHL on a next day service.

2) How is your product made?

Our product is imported from the approved, accredited suppliers in Europe but mainly from Denmark and Spain. The raw rind’s hand cooked here at our factory in Staffordshire using traditional methods and then seasoned with a wide range of seasonings and packed into retail packets ready to be shipped to our wonderful customers. We can pack in lots of different formats and pack sizes due to our two huge packing machines which mean we can fulfil any order, large or small!

3) What is the difference between Pork Scratchings and Pork Crunch?

This is a question we get asked a lot! The simple answer is that they each use a different part of the pig. Scratching use rind from the shank of the pig (back leg) which typically means they are harder to bite and have a delicious layer of fat as per the traditional product which has been common in pubs for hundreds of years. Pork Crunch uses rind from the back of the pig, meaning it’s a lot lighter and airier, with more of a ‘quaver-type’ texture. Pork Crunch is a huge hit with fans of the keto diet as it is high protein and low carb. We also have the Crispy Crackled Pork Bites which is double cooked scratchings to give a lighter bite.

4) What is the difference between Pork Crackling and Pork Scratchings?

Ahhh, here again there can be varying answers, usually the answer is that there is no difference, they can be called scratchings or crackling depending on whereabouts in the country you are! Alternatively, some people call the double cooked softer product (Crispy Crackled Pork Bites), ‘crackling’ as stereotypically the traditional ‘harder’ product has always been known as ‘scratchings’. Also ‘crackling’ gives a nice image of a lovely pork dinner and sounds a lot nicer! But each to their own, we won’t judge you whatever you choose to call it!

5) What are ‘Pork Waves’ made from?

Pork Waves are kind of a cross between the scratchings and crunch. They’re a thin strip of pork and get their name from their wavy shape! Very crispy in texture, these are fast becoming one of the most popular additions to the RayGray range.

6) Do your products contain allergens?

We’re always looking to develop our range and we’re working on some allergen free versions, but great things take time and we need to make sure the quality and taste of the product is not impaired in any way before we make any changes. Currently, all of our products contain Gluten and Soya – with the exception of the Crispy Fried Waves, which is Gluten free

7) Why don’t you use British rind?

Again, this is a question we do get asked frequently. The answer is simply that our rind is made to a very specific specification to give the best end product possible.  In Denmark the rind is cut by hand and so readily available to our spec. British rind however is extremely hard to source to that same requirement which we need to produce our products. It would always be preferable to source from the UK but unfortunately, this is not always possible and it’s vital that we’re able to maintain our supplies to keep people topped up with our delicious snacks!

8) Will eating pork scratchings hurt my teeth?

Pork Scratchings are typically a hard product due to the area of the pig the rind’s sourced from and the cooking process. All of our packaging states they’re ‘only suitable for people with strong, healthy teeth’. If you’re concerned about this why not opt for our Pork Crunch products, the Crispy Crackled Pork Bites or Crispy Fried Pork Waves, which are all softer to bite (and just as tasty!)

9) What is the shelf life of your products?

The life of our products is helped by the packaging. We use two different kinds of packaging film, a poly film which usually means that the bag’s ‘transparent’ so you can see the product inside, and a foil film which is completely opaque. Poly film will give a 3-month shelf life and foil will give 6 months. 6 months is the maximum date we put on our products.

10) Are pork snacks healthy?

We’re never going to say they’re the healthiest food around but then we’re all entitled to a treat from time to time, aren’t we? And it’s good to know that the low carbohydrate & high protein content makes them popular with Keto/Atkins diet devotees, especially, our pork crunch with 65%?? protein and only trace carbs.