Our Kitchen

We Only Use the Best Pork in our Scratchings

In our kitchen we prepare and cook the freshest great tasting pork products.  Following different handed down recipes and using various traditional methods, all cooked by hand with love.

RayGray Snacks Ltd are one of the few remaining Independent Traditional Pork Scratchings manufacturers in the UK, and we are very proud of that fact.

Our traditional scratchings and crackling products are pig skin, or pork rind, deep fried at very high temperatures for a set time, then cooled and sprinkled with lashings of salty seasonings.

Ready to eat and delicious with every crunchy bite, full of flavour and tasting great!

We love our Traditional Scratchings!

Cooked by Hand with Love, Care and Attention to Detail

But there’s really much more to it than that, we have cooked scratchings, crackling and crunch for over 26 years  – and thats a lot of pork snack products.

We understand all the cooking techniques required to bring you the best possible crackling, scratching or crunch product.

Pork scratchings the pig skin’s are cooked once, pork crackling the pork rind is double cooked and for pork crunch the prepared pork rind is fed through a continuous fryer and flash cooked.

All of these great techniques and our traditional secret flavourings give you the best tasting Pork Scratching in the UK!

Delivered Fresh to You

Once our scratchings, crackling and crunch have been cooked and cooled.

We need to season all of our products with their own special salty seasonings and bag them ready for dispatch.  Then its delivery to you to enjoy and eat!

Matthew Fort with RayGray Snacks